Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hey Guys!!

So... who likes free money!? Okay, not free, but it basically is. Today I'm not talking about coupons or savings, per se. I'm talking about cold hard cash!

Have an old phone lying around? I did!

Go to, find your phone, and check out!
When you check out, you lock in the price for your phone for a given time. So get on it, guys! Phones depreciate just like cars, so if you wait too long you wont get as much $$!!

Then uSell sends you a Cash-for-Cell Kit in the mail a few days later:

Put the phone in, slap the return label on that they send to you, and drop it off a any USPS location.
You don't even have to pay for shipping!

And then, you wait. What are you waiting for, you ask!?

A CHECK!! No, I'm serious. It's that easy, and it's completely free. Between the two phones Code and I found lying around, we got $48 dollars!!

I know, I know. Technically we paid for the phones originally, but still! We were so close to throwing them in the recycle bin at targ, or just letting them sit around in a drawer somewhere. And $48 is nothing to scoff at! Now you can go pick up those cute shoes you've been eyeing! Or put it in your bank account and save save save, like we chose to do! 

How many times do I have to say it... it all adds up, people!

So what's the catch?! Well, so far, I can't find one! According to EPA estimates, over a billion wireless phones are gathering dust in households across the US and will likely end up in a landfill. So uSell offers cash incentives for phones, then they refurbish them so they can be reused by people who need them around the world. uSell has a 0% waste policy. If they can't make your phone reusable, they take the phone apart and properly recycle each piece.

Want to be kind to the environment and get rid of those old phones and get some extra money!? Here's your answer! Have you used their services? Let me know about it!

Linds C.

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