Friday, February 25, 2011

Rockin the Bobble

Hello friends!

It has been a lot longer than I would've liked since I last posted! Life has been crazy and we've been going a mile a minute since Code has been back home, but really we wouldn't have it any other way.

So! What am I posting about today, you ask!? Something that I am loving so much it has practically been an extension of my right hand for the past 3 weeks since I bought it. I've been asked questions constantly about it since I've had it, so I knew I had to post about it here...

I'm talking about the Water Bobble!
I'm serious. I don't think I've gone anywhere without mine for the last 3 weeks. So what's so special about it and why am I loving it so much?!

The Bobble uses an activated carbon filter that filters your water while you drink. Don't have access to the tastiest, cleanest water? Um, yeah. That's me about 99% of the time. Well, the Bobble does all the work for you. Fill it with any municipal tap water and the filter removes organic contaminates. It exceeds NSF International Standards for chlorine, taste, and odor reduction, it's FDA approved, its BPA free, and made from 20% recycled material.

Need I go on?!

We all need to drink more water, and we love drinking bottled water. In fact we, seem obsessed by the convenience of it. But this doesn't lead to a sustainable future. Here's where the Bobble comes in. Each Bobble filter lasts for 2 months or for 40 gallons. But what does that really mean?

Well, my family used to buy 1/2 liter Ozarka Water Bottles by the case. 40 gallons that one Bobble can produce equates to 300 plastic water bottles. Are you with me now?!

But this blog isn't just to encourage you readers to be more eco-friendly. So let's forget all of those wonderful things about the Bobble and talk $$.

One Bobble w/ Filter: $9.99 (I got mine from target, no surprise there)
And that alone will last you 40 gallons, but let's get dramatic and add in the cost for a replacement filter.
One Bobble & Two Filters: $9.99 + $4.99= $14.98

Let's compare this to the equivalent in plastic water bottles.
One Bobble with two filters will last through 80 gallons of water, or 600 water bottles.

24/case Ozarka 1/2lt Water Bottles: $6.99
Sounds harmless right?
Well, it would take 25 cases to get to 600 water bottles... OR $174.75.

Savings:: $149.77

Have I convinced you yet? The Bobble is sleek, convenient, and made for life on the move. And I'm here to testify that it truly works! Our nasty work water actually tastes good after being filtered through this little baby.  

Just fill it with water and let the Bobble do the rest.

Be hydrated. Be smart. Be fab doing it!

Linds C.

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